The Story

In a world born of chaos, the ancient gods separated their offspring in hopes of avoiding apocalyptic conflict. They created three distinct, temporal dimensions for each of their respective children, entrusting the crucial task of their children’s survival to one being: the Champion. For eons, this Champion has watched over the three dimensions. But now, the Champion has vanished without a trace. The Protagonist, despite his best efforts, is forced to take part in a deadly competition to decide the future Champion… and the fates of all. Will he survive? Or will he be crushed under the weight of fate? Fortunately, he won’t be alone in this harrowing adventure. Several trustworthy and noticeably beautiful allies will forge this path beside him. Together, surely they can surpass the toughest challenges, and experience the most succulent of pleasures. What are you waiting for? The adventure awaits…


200+ Events

More than 200 story and hidden events to get to know the girls and the world surrounding them.

12 Main girls with more to come...

12 Main girls plus side girls, with many more girls to interact and romance on the way.

Repeatable events

Dozens of repeatable lewd and non-lewds events let you spend time with the girls how you want.

Unique personalities & Designs

Each girl has a distinct design and personality, meaning there is something for everyone.

Many Different Fetishes

Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampies, Harem, Masturbation, Monster Girl, Teasing, Virgin, Voyeurism, Milf, Sleep Sex, Anal Sex. NO NTR.

Play Anywhere

Works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Meet Powerful Girls

Asmedia card
Izanami card
Hell card
Tailè card
Cleos card
Isabel card

Master new Abilities

MC sword fighting
MC Asmedia portal
MC energy ball
MC power

Become the Champion

What are you waiting for?

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