Q: Is the game censored?

A: No, the game is not censored.

Q: When will the next update be released?

A: Zimon currently releases a new build of Champion of Realms at the end of every month for Patreon members with Early Access, with a Public release of that build 5 days after that.

Q: I have found an issue/bug in Champion of Realms. Who do I talk to about it?

A: There are #bug-reports and #feedback for sharing those findings on the Champion of Realms Discord.


Q: Do I keep my saves by downloading a new version or do I have to start over?

A: Yes, but some really old saves might require you to delete your persistent file otherwise you can run into some issues in game.

Q: How to I upgrade to the newest version?

A: Follow the steps on the Wiki to make sure you don't loose your save progress.

Q: Where are the save files located?

Your Champion of Realms save files are located at:

  • • WINDOWS: C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\ChampionOfRealms-1569488958 (enable viewing hidden files/folders)

  • • MAC OS: ~/Library/RenPy/ChampionOfRealms-1569488958

  • • LINUX: ~/.renpy/ChampionOfRealms-1569488958

  • • ANDROID: Android > data > com.zimon.chamoionofrealms > files > saves | *For Android only, we suggest backing up the entire “saves” folder before updating/uninstalling the game.

  • ** For Win/Mac/Linux, save files persist between versions, so you can safely delete old versions of the game without backing up.

Q: Is there a difference between Compressed, Uncompressed and Launcher versions of the game?

A: All content is the same. All the saves are the same. Differences being that the Compressed version is much smaller than the Uncompressed version in terms of file size. But the Uncompressed version has higher visual fidelity than the Compressed version. The Launcher version is the Uncompressed version, but with the ability to update to the latest version of the game by only downloading the new/updated files. Launcher is currently only available on PC version of the game.
And due to the size of the game, only the compressed version is available for Android users.


Q: The App wont install? What do I do?

A: Perform a clean install. This fixes 95% of install issues. If you are still having issues you may have to use Joiplay.

Q: How do I perform a clean install?

A: Back up your saves. Uninstall the old version. nstall the new version. Put your saves back to the original location.

Q: How do I back up my saves on Android?

Go to Android/Data/com.zimon.chamoionofrealms/files and copy the save folder.
If you are Android 11 or later and you cannot see this file, you will need to download a file manager from the app store that has been updated to support the new permissions introduced in that version.


Q: Is Pregnancy in the game?

A: Currently there is no Pregnancy events in the game. But Pregnancy events is planned content for future builds. Currently there is no ETA for when Pregnancy events will make it’s way into Champion of Realms. Constantly asking for it will not get said content in the game any faster.

Q: What are the cheat codes?

A: There are no cheat codes.

Q: How can I support Champion of the Realms?

Any support of the game is appreciated and can be a massive help. Here are some ways to support Champion of Realms for free.

  • • Rating and following the game on Itch.io

  • • Following and upvoting on Reddit

  • • Follow and Sharing on Twitter

  • • Rating the game on VNDB

  • • Rate and like the game on LewdCorner

  • • Leaving feedback and suggestions on the Discord in the proper channels

  • • Sharing the game with your friends.

If you would like to support the game through monetarily methods. You can do so through the Patreon.


Q: Are there any rewards for Patreon pledges?

A: Yes, depending on the pledge level you gain access to Patreon exclusive content and other rewards.

Q: How often will I be charged by Patreon?

A: Patreon will charge you when you first pledge, then on the first of every month.

Q: Can I cancel or reduce my pledge on Patreon?

A: You are free to cancel, reduce or increase your pledge at any time, but this may cause you to lose certain rewards.

Q: How do I receive my Discord Patron rank?

A: Connect your Discord to Patreon in your Account Settings page.

Q: How will the latest build be released?

A: Pledges with Early Access as a reward receive the latest build 5 days before the Public version is released. Links for Early Access and Public are published first on Patreon. Future plans is to have Early Access available through the Launcher as well.