Izanami Licking
Heramael Blow
Sheila Blow
Hell Milking Puppies
Estia new sexpose
Estia Blow
Herameal Buttjob
Izanami footjob
Tsukiko Blow
Tsukiko RabbitStyle
Voiced Girls
Asme's moans are in-game, in all her scene Iza wake up and night
Tracker Change
Now you will find all the girls
New Languages
French and German
UI Fix
icons in the maps, completed Isabel and Aneko's card, and more
Fixer in features menu For Isa or alarms problems
Bugs and grammar
Fixed errors caused by the crystal, the gallery, the fan art zone, and more...
Work of the month and future
Our gobbo is finally complete, in the end, her eyes and nails will be purple
The update 0.70 is going to be a big one
It's gonna be focused only on the story, main, and the girls
My rest month probably will be in August and it will be similar to the one in December

Patch Notes for previous versions


Two new events for the guild
One new event for the Farmer Girl
One new event for the Fashonista
Remade the first Asme's love event, check it in the tracker
Four errors of the past:
Two in the house, one in Mainstreet, the last one in the peak
Erika's sleeping room in the lab
New places:
In this update, you will find the Costume shop(outlet), the ranch(outside unison), and the farmer's store.
New music:
Rightly so, new girls mean new musical themes, I hope you enjoy them!
New languages:
Partially supports Spanish and Italian
The UI is still incomplete, but the dialogues should work
Fishing Minigame:
Right now you can fish in the pond in the forest, but for now, only one fish will be added to your inventory, let's test if it will work everywhere, also on android.
Trophy Zone:
There are now new fan art and new trophies to buy
New Cleos BG:
Now Cleos got her first alternative bg, this one is unlocked during the story
New about stuff:
Simply, I would like to inform you that the about section has been updated with all the missing social elements.
Patreon - Discord - - Twitter - Website
Bugs and other Stuff:
Fixed several bugs and errors including the Iza crash, caused by Hell, the missing Card, and more...
The rollback work has been changed in some screens, which should no longer cause problems during transitions. The rollback is not deactivated but will stop at certain key points so as not to create screen mixes. This was happening at some points in the maps, if it happens elsewhere please let me know.


A new event for Asmedia: Wanted ambush
Two new events for Tailè: Limit exceeded, Calming the embers
A new event for Heramael: Etheria debilitation
Two new events for Maeve: Going back, Missing city
Two new Story events: Training begins, Managing the flow
Hug Hell:
Yes, now our little Hell will get lots of hugs too!
April's code:
Use the code 'Fish' in the chamber to re-see the special surprise
You can now set a textbox using the options
Bugs and other Stuff:
Fixed several bugs and errors including the inconsistencies like replay loop, the missing living screen, and more...


A new event for Tsukiko: Connections with the moon
A new event for Hell: Learning to be polite
A new event for Izanami: Seeking the seal
New Alarms Clock:
Now also Izanami and Hell got their version of the alarm clock.
Horny Hell:
Refuse to take care of her, you will see her status becoming "Horny", and after that... expect a visit during the night.
Drunk Asmedia:
Picking the menu with alcohol in the restaurant can trigger it, and the hand other than slipping on the alcohol can slip somewhere else.
Special Sunday:
A new method of spending time with girls with quick events is the Sunday special.
Hug the girls:
Spend time with them to hug them. All of them expect Hell got their hug.
Special Surprise:
There is also a special surprise in this new build, hidden in the game, and nope, it's not a new code.
Who knows if you can be able to find it...
The way the tracker works has been changed, now all girls are placed in the same sections.
Also, the tracker will show the girls gradually as they are unlocked and not immediately.
The gallery will also show repeatable lewd scenes, so you will find new slots for Hera, Tsu, and Estia.
Aneko's card:
Aneko's card now is clickable.
Iza's UI:
Fixed some problems with the action menu of Iza.
Bugs and other Stuff:
Fixed several bugs and errors including the inconsistencies like Sheila in the train, event tracker errors, fast time disabled until I find a fix and more...


A new side event: Shopping with the devil
A new side event: Estia Enlarger
Quickie for Asmedia, Cleos, and Sheila
CoR TV, try it in the living room
Station transition for the city
Isabel's Work new renders
Changes in animation for Tailè and Isabel
New buttons in the cards for Sheila and Cleos
New Feature for changeable card bg and notes for hobby and girl's liking, use the new buttons
Tracker Added Neon
New Icons and Menu
Aneko time changer, if you have already unlocked her, use Maeve feature to unlock the time changer
Bugs and other Stuff:
Fixed several bugs and errors including the interaction of Hera in the Lab, event tracker errors, replaced the blocked card with a bigger one, and more...


Previous Changelogs can be found on the wiki