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Public Release 069 image

Public Release 069

Welcome to 0.69! What’s new in this version: Izanami Licking Heramael Blow Sheila Blow Hell Milking Puppies Estia new sexpose Estia Blow Herameal Buttjob Izanami footjob Tsukiko Blow Tsukiko RabbitStyle Voiced Girls Asme’s moans are in-game, in all her scene Iza wake up and night Tracker Change Now you will...

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Champions Life 86 image

Champions Life 86

Welcome to the new version 0.69! Guys, this is it, the legendary number is finally here! You already know what this means, it’s time to dive into the new lewds! Below is the list of the new lewds you will find in the game (for Patreon rules I can’t post...

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Public Release 068 image

Public Release 068

Welcome to 0.68! What’s new in this version: Two new events for the guild One new event for the Farmer Girl One new event for the Fashonista Remade the first Asme’s love event, check it in the tracker Four errors of the past: Two in the house, one in Mainstreet,...

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Champions Life 85 image

Champions Life 85

Welcome to the new version 0.68! Let’s consider it a mid-patch between side stories, new encounters, and future lewds. Now, let’s start with the new events: Two new events for the guild: One new event for the Farmer Girl: Just go to the kitchen, your fridge needs a refill One...

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Public Release 067 image

Public Release 067

Welcome to 0.67! A new event for Asmedia: Wanted ambush Two new events for Tailè: Limit exceeded, Calming the embers A new event for Heramael: Etheria debilitation Two new events for Maeve: Going back, Missing city Two new Story events: Training begins, Managing the flow Hug Hell: Yes, now our...

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Champions Life 84 image

Champions Life 84

Welcome to the new version 0.67! So guys, this month you will see many events that will take the story of several characters to a new level Unfortunately, I had to delete some story events as I tried to re-render everything with the new models in one week, which I...

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Public Release 066 image

Public Release 066

Welcome to 0.66! What’s new in this version: A new event for Tsukiko: Connections with the moon A new event for Hell: Learning to be polite A new event for Izanami: Seeking the seal New Alarm Clock: Now also Izanami and Hell got their version of the alarm clock. Horny...

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Champions Life 83 image

Champions Life 83

Welcome to the new version 0.66! Guys, there are several additions, new things to do, and new events, with also a lot of other work to show, so let’s start now! Let’s start with the new story events for girls: A new event for Tsukiko: Connections with the moon A...

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Public Release 065 image

Public Release 065

Welcome to 0.65! What’s new in this version: A new side event: Shopping with the devil A new side event: Estia Enlarger Quickie for Asmedia, Cleos, and Sheila CoR TV, try it in the living room Station transition for the city Isabel’s Work new renders Changes in animation for Tailè...

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Public Release 064 image

Public Release 064

Welcome to 0.64! What’s new in this version: 4 new main story events 2 new events for Estia 1 event for Neon Asmedia lewd in the kitchen, 4 positions you can choose during the act Heramael is again found in the Lab in the afternoon, with her boobsjob, completely redone...

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