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Android Apk image

Android Apk

Unfortunately, as of the latest update 0.77, Android APK’s have become more complicated than a simple install. Due to limitations of Android signature V2, Ren’Py cannot create apps larger than 2gb. Even with compression, CoR on Android has surpassed this point. Luckily, we have two methods for you to continue...

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Happy 2023 image

Happy 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to this fantastic 2023! I’d say we can start right away with the announcement of what awaits us in the future. First of all let’s address the topic of the new content schedule, which will start to apply from now on, not considering January at the...

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Public Release 074 image

Public Release 074

Welcome to 0.74 What’s new in this version: Maeve Events Three new Maeve events are waiting for you, and maybe, you will get something really nice. Neon Events Two new Neon events, plus her card and her time transition. Main Story This will serve as the glue to continue the...

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Champion Life 94 image

Champion Life 94

I welcome you to version 0.74! Christmas Day is finally upon us, and consequently, this new version, as promised, will be released immediately for all. Let’s talk about what you will find: Maeve Events Three new Maeve’s event are waiting for you, and maybe, you will get something really nice....

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Save Problem image

Save Problem

So guys, I investigated this problem with the saves, and did several tests, some of them no longer work while others do. Most probably caused by the switch to the new python with the Renpy update. Those who have not played the recent versions will most likely end up with...

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Public Release 073 image

Public Release 073

Welcome to 0.73 What’s new in this version: Decorations You can change certain elements of your room with special decorations, some of which you can buy from the various in-game shops, such as Mikosh’s dummy Fast Hints I have added a method to get hints from the girls quickly, just...

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Champions Life 93 image

Champions Life 93

I welcome you to version 0.73! Guys, this build ushers in the improvement of the sandbox part of the game. Many additions and improvements are still needed, but as a start, I’d say it can go. There was no shortage of problems, between renpy throwing a tantrum with his updates...

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Public Release 072 image

Public Release 072

Welcome to 0.72! What’s new in this version: 4 new Neon events 8 new Maeve events 2 new Secret Codes New music and sounds Grammar and Bugs fix What are you waiting for?

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Champions Life 92 image

Champions Life 92

I welcome you to version 0.72! This is the famous build where Maeve will get a lot of love with also Neon! Let’s talk about what you will find: 4 new Neon events: After her performance at the pub, Neon is waiting for you in the plaza, ready to know...

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Public Release 071 image

Public Release 071

Welcome to 0.71! What’s new in this version: New main story New Cleos event First and Second Cleos’ events remade New Hell event New Maeve event Kali event remade New main menu is available Card update Buttons update Bugs and errors: The transitions in the bedroom are smoother now, I...

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