Public Release 063

Public release for version 0.63

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Welcome to 0.63!

What’s new in this version:

Game overs have been added, with their own animation, for now only in three particular places in the game. They will be improved in the future by creating renderings for them.

For those of you who don’t know how to click on quests, I’ve added a quick tutorial, so you’ll understand what to do in case you get lost.

The unlocking of maps will be done through story progression, to reduce the random wandering of players

Stats have been reworked, ready for their new use

The game’s main menu now changes based on story progression, and you can choose your favorite once unlocked by Maeve.

A similar thing has been applied to the stats menu

The quest for Asmedia on the Peak has been made more intuitive

The same thing for Cleos and Dangers Lurking ones, now you will know when the girls content has reached the unlock of that quest

Fixed inconsistencies with the book Genesis

In the old Asmedia room some video files were missing, now they are present again

Some placeholders remained on screen, fixed those too

Cleos and Asmedia stories have been updated in their menus

All lewd costumes in the girls’ menus are now blocked by progression.

Several improvements to the Signals, renamed Quests to end the confusion of several players

Neon has received her final design

Highlighters have been added in some places to improve comprehension

Changed the font of the character names, no one will be confused to call Izanami Kanami anymore

Menu fluidity has been improved

Coming soon new unlock animations for cards, already present in game one for Asmedia, but an even more beautiful version is in the works

Changed the wing symbol of Asmedia and the potion symbol of Heramael, replaced by a Caduceus

From now on the events of Hell will not be triggered continuously in the bedroom, added an icon to continue in her quests

Added a bugfix in Maeve’s menu for Cleos’ quest “A thousand lives”, click it and the pic will disappear

A new event that is chronologically placed during the quest “The Call” for Maeve

New room in the house, Maeve’s room

Fixed a mixed alarm error with Cleos and Asmedia

Fixed also an issue with the clock in the void

Fixed Cleos’ interactive, it could happen that those scenes remained on-screen slowing the game

There’s more, but these are the most important things

What are you waiting for?