Public Release 073

Public release for version 0.73

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Welcome to 0.73

What’s new in this version:


You can change certain elements of your room with special decorations, some of which you can buy from the various in-game shops, such as Mikosh’s dummy

Fast Hints

I have added a method to get hints from the girls quickly, just activate it from their cards and you will have quick access to information

Beach menu

The first menu of the game is back, it will be the base for new players and you can change it at will


The in-game shops are now active and available, Mikosh will sell you clothes and decorations, Tailè home upgrades, while Isabel and Maribel food


Added breakfast with Asmedia and chocolate from Iza and Tsu


You can give items, at the moment only parfait, to girls to get points


From now on you can collect and harvest etheria, it will have a weekly growth reset and at the moment the only spot is in the forest

Room set for Hell and Maeve

You can decide which girl is going to stay with you in the room

You can also head pat and hug Maeve in her room

Global bug fixer

In case someone runs into problems with an old save or a change of variable, they can fix the game themselves

Graphical changes

The girls’ icons have been redone

New Discord and Patreon logo

The quests and stats menu were remade

New teleporter map

Grammar and Bugfix

Fixed all errors found so far, fixed bugs such as Neon transporting to Exile, the blocking of interactives and TV and the Mikosh lock, plus with the new update the game is smoother than ever. If android fails, you know the procedure

What are you waiting for?