Public Release 066

Public release for version 0.66

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Welcome to 0.66!

What’s new in this version:

A new event for Tsukiko: Connections with the moon

A new event for Hell: Learning to be polite

A new event for Izanami: Seeking the seal

New Alarm Clock:

Now also Izanami and Hell got their version of the alarm clock.

Horny Hell:

Refuse to take care of her, you will see her status becoming “Horny”, and after that… expect a visit during the night.

Drunk Asmedia:

Picking the menu with alcohol in the restaurant can trigger it, and the hand other than slipping on the alcohol can slip somewhere else.

Special Sunday:

A new method of spending time with girls with quick events is the Sunday special.

Hug the girls:

Spend time with them to hug them. All of them expect Hell got their hug.

Special Surprise:

There is also a special surprise in this new build, hidden in the game, and nope, it’s not a new code.

Who knows if you can be able to find it…


The way the tracker works has been changed, now all girls are placed in the same sections.

Also, the tracker will show the girls gradually as they are unlocked and not immediately.


The gallery will also show repeatable lewd scenes, so you will find new slots for Hera, Tsu, and Estia.

Aneko’s card:

Aneko’s card now is clickable.

Iza’s UI:

Fixed some problems with the action menu of Iza.

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the inconsistencies like Sheila in the train, event tracker errors, fast time disabled until I find a fix and more…

Work of the month:

MC’s face got improved.

All the girls got new shaders that should improve their appearance.

Many of the girls have undergone structural adjustments, one of the most visible being Iza’s head, now less ‘bulb’.

Fixes after Early:

In addition to all the bugs that have been fixed, the clock is now working again without crashes and in a different way.

Wherever you are, you can use the fast time change without any problems.

Unison’s map now changes with the time.

Fixed sayer asme.

Fish now is implemented better and works with no problems.

map_town2/3 is there.

Sunday sheila fixed.

Estia and hera alarms were fixed.

Iza UI with spooning.

Drunk asme scene fixed

Gallery save version fixed

What are you waiting for?