Public Release 067

Public release for version 0.67

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Welcome to 0.67!

A new event for Asmedia: Wanted ambush

Two new events for Tailè: Limit exceeded, Calming the embers

A new event for Heramael: Etheria debilitation

Two new events for Maeve: Going back, Missing city

Two new Story events: Training begins, Managing the flow

Hug Hell:

Yes, now our little Hell will get lots of hugs too!

April’s code:

Use the code ‘Fish’ in the chamber to re-see the special surprise


You can now set a textbox using the options

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the inconsistencies like replay loop, the missing living screen, and more…

Work of the month:

Girls’ models retouched

Sakura revamped, new Dragon model

New Patreon Reward for everyone

Errors of the past actions incoming

What are you waiting for?