Public Release 068

Public release for version 0.68

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Welcome to 0.68!

What’s new in this version:

Two new events for the guild

One new event for the Farmer Girl

One new event for the Fashonista

Remade the first Asme’s love event, check it in the tracker

Four errors of the past:

Two in the house, one in Mainstreet, the last one in the peak

Erika’s sleeping room in the lab

New places:

In this update, you will find the Costume shop(outlet), the ranch(outside unison), and the farmer’s store.

New music:

Rightly so, new girls mean new musical themes, I hope you enjoy them!

New languages:

Partially supports Spanish and Italian

The UI is still incomplete, but the dialogues should work

Fishing Minigame:

Right now you can fish in the pond in the forest, but for now, only one fish will be added to your inventory, let’s test if it will work everywhere, also on android.

Trophy Zone:

There are now new fan art and new trophies to buy

New Cleos BG:

Now Cleos got her first alternative bg, this one is unlocked during the story

New about stuff:

Simply, I would like to inform you that the about section has been updated with all the missing social elements.

Patreon - Discord - - Twitter - Website

Yes, it was empty, me stupid.

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the Iza crash, caused by Hell, the missing Card, and more…

The rollback work has been changed in some screens, which should no longer cause problems during transitions. The rollback is not deactivated but will stop at certain key points so as not to create screen mixes. This was happening at some points in the maps, if it happens elsewhere please let me know

Work of the month:

I have prepared costumes for the girls to buy in the next build, which can be worn at home.

I was planning to do a lot of lewds, but a pinch of wholesome doesn’t hurt.

I also decided to give the ‘Morning Asmedia’ treatment to other girls as well, I will leave the choice up to you via voting

What are you waiting for?