Public Release 069

Public release for version 0.69

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Welcome to 0.69!

What’s new in this version:

Izanami Licking

Heramael Blow

Sheila Blow

Hell Milking Puppies

Estia new sexpose

Estia Blow

Herameal Buttjob

Izanami footjob

Tsukiko Blow

Tsukiko RabbitStyle

Voiced Girls

Asme’s moans are in-game, in all her scene

Iza wake up and night

Tracker Change

Now you will find all the girls

New Languages

French and German

UI Fix

icons in the maps, completed Isabel and Aneko’s card, and more

Fixer in features menu

For Isa or alarms problems

Bugs and grammar

Fixed errors caused by the crystal, the gallery, the fan art zone, and more…

Work of the month and future

Our gobbo is finally complete, in the end, her eyes and nails will be purple

The update 0.70 is going to be a big one

It’s gonna be focused only on the story, main, and the girls

My rest month probably will be in August and it will be similar to the one in December


Android users beware, renpy update will probably not allow you to install the game with the old apk, in case you know the procedure, backup saves and delete

Steps to do a clean install are on the wiki

What are you waiting for?