Public Release 071

Public release for version 0.71

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Welcome to 0.71!

What’s new in this version:

New main story

New Cleos event

First and Second Cleos’ events remade

New Hell event

New Maeve event

Kali event remade

New main menu is available

Card update

Buttons update

Bugs and errors:

The transitions in the bedroom are smoother now, I converted the buttons with a lighter format

There were some times where the handling gets locked by clicks, so you can’t choose a girl’s room, there was a double screen that was causing it, fixed

There was a wrong variable in the sleeping with girls, for this reason, some time could happen that you weren’t able to do it

There were some errors in the nightmares, when you get those events, the night reset instead of going into the next day, now it will work right

What are you waiting for?