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Playing CoR on Android past 0.77

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Unfortunately, as of the latest update 0.77, Android APK’s have become more complicated than a simple install. Due to limitations of Android signature V2, Ren’Py cannot create apps larger than 2gb. Even with compression, CoR on Android has surpassed this point. Luckily, we have two methods for you to continue to enjoy Champion of Realms on Android.

Method 1: APK + game folder

Note: This method requires access to the Android/Data directory. Due to the permissions in Android 11+, you may need to follow special instructions to allow a file manager to access them. Two that are known to work are ZArchiver and mixplorer. Please research how to grant access to this folder using your selected file manager, as the steps are too varied to be listed here.

  • Download the zip and a file manager

  • Extract the game folder and the apk from the zip with the file manager

  • Install the apk

  • Move the game folder into this path Android/Data/com.zimon.championofrealms/files. Note: It MUST be this path exactly, or the game will not work.

  • Play and enjoy!

Method 2: Joiplay

Joiplay allows you to use the Windows Zip version of the game on Android.

  1. Download Joiplay and the Joiplay Renpy plug-in from their website. The version found on the Google Play store will NOT work as it does not support Ren’Py 8.0.

  2. Download the PC version of CoR from the links above (Must be the .zip files as the Launcher is not compatibly with Joiplay).

  3. Extract the .zip file with the RAR app or any other zip extraction app. After extracting CoR’s folder from the .zip, remember where it’s located, because the following steps involve the folder location.

  4. Open game folder, find game.exe file (not 32.exe) and then just press on it, you will see options what app you want to use to open it, choose JoiPlay.

  5. For the name, you can enter “Champion of Realms” and for the version just the current update number (ex. 0.46).

  6. For the icon, the app will find it automatically.

  7. Lastly, tap Add after you’ve finished steps 5-7.

  8. You’re good to go. Enjoy CoR on Mobile.

All saves from existing Android installs can be moved over to the Joiplay install, allowing you to continue the game without starting over. There are detailed install steps over on the Wiki. If you encounter any issues reach out on our Discord