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Save issue with 0.73

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So guys, I investigated this problem with the saves, and did several tests, some of them no longer work while others do.

Most probably caused by the switch to the new python with the Renpy update.

Those who have not played the recent versions will most likely end up with non-functional saves, so I have come up with two solutions.

The first is to download this version made with old libraries, I have tested some non-working saves and they start with this one, but beware, it is not a long-term solution and some save may still not work, also it contains some stuff from 0.74, if you see some incomplete graphic or new stuff don’t worry.

The second is to use a clean save made by me with the new libraries. I have two versions for you, one post-assault and one obtained Aneko, choose your favorite.

For the future, I have created an ‘old-game’ with the new libraries which should continue to run the old saves in case of future updates, hopefully, according to their site.

Let’s hope this will be last time we get save problems.

Old library version:

Mega Outdated

Assault save:


Aneko save: