Happy 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to this fantastic 2023!

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Hello everyone and welcome to this fantastic 2023!

I’d say we can start right away with the announcement of what awaits us in the future.

First of all let’s address the topic of the new content schedule, which will start to apply from now on, not considering January at the moment.

Inside it there should be:

Always main story content, at least 1 entire quest or more in case the build focus only on the story.

In case there are also girls events, at least 1 entire main quest, but if the focus is the girls, at least one or more (preferably more) main story, to let it always progress.

For the girls’ events, since they are now a big number, the best thing to do should be to focus mainly on one, doing more than 3/4 event’s for the chosen girl, then adding events also for the other girls, but a limited number.

Every month I’ll also do a poll where patreons can freely choose a girl that must receive at least one event for the build.

So, this is more or less what I thought for the in-game content, it will still happen that there will be feature additions or whatever in the builds, but I will try to limit or dilute them over time to better progress the story.

“Story build” could be: 8 main events, 1 Aneko, 1 Neon, 1 Jin, 1 another, plus other stuff and fix.

“Girl build” could be: 4/5 Cleos’ events, 1 Hera, 1 sheila, 1/2 main story, plus the rest.

I’m giving random numbers, but it should be like that.

My intention will also be to add small features or secondary elements each build.

If I wanted to every month I could add a costume or more for the girls, or add more elements to the house.

This is a list of possible things:

A new dress for build

New kitchen scene

New minigames for Tailé and Isabel

Scaling and use of statistics

Mini mission from the guild

and much more

There is still much to be done and many possible things to add, let me know what you think or if you have any questions

One last thing, there may be cases where the game malfunctions due to uncorrected past bugs or corrupted saves, especially when the game is obtained from unofficial sources. Get the game from official sources, where you can get my support, as elsewhere you will end up with bug after bug from which you cannot come back.

I also announce that the game will ‘support’ Chinese and Russian and that the translations will be updated to 0.74.

I will be back in mid-January with a slightly different build, after which we can turbocharge the main story and more.

That said, Happy New Year to all!