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What's new in 0.67

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Welcome to the new version 0.67!

So guys, this month you will see many events that will take the story of several characters to a new level

Unfortunately, I had to delete some story events as I tried to re-render everything with the new models in one week, which I could not finish, leaving some pieces unfinished.

Consequently, those missing parts will be included in May build, as the models are now ready.

Now, let’s start with the new story events for girls:

A new event for Asmedia: Wanted ambush

Two new events for Tailè: Limit exceeded

Calming the embers

A new event for Heramael: Etheria debilitation

Two new events for Maeve: Going back

Missing city

Two new Story events: Training begins

Managing the flow

Hug Hell:

Yes, now our little Hell will get lots of hugs too!


Since I got a lot of requests about adding a textbox, I added a nice trick

With this, you will be able to get or remove the textbox according to your preference

This way the choice is yours

Official Translation

Here is some kind of ‘official translation’ in progress

Still early for that, hoping to reach the goal to implement all these languages

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the inconsistencies like replay loop, the missing living screen, and more…

Work of the month:

Some of you already know about my intention to completely redo Sakura

Let’s explain why I’ll post now one render of her

This one is her actual model

So, let’s see if that model respect some aspect of her chara

Does she look like a mother figure? Nope

Does she look older than Iza? Nope, seems a sister

Does she feel more powerful than Iza? Nope

In the end, she just feels like a “Pink Iza”

That is why I thought of remaking her and basing her model on strong kunoichi/samurai female characters such as Kasumi, Baiken, and many others.

With this in mind, the following could become the perfect model for Sakura

According to what you see, does she respects all the aspects of that list?

For me yes And I’m not talking about the half-naked costume, she got other ones

More threatening and strong, this model certainly conveys that more than the previous one

Sakura “remodel” is still in progress, but I guess it’s a perfect base to refine

The second chara is the Dragon

I’m still not totally sure about her look, but after countless changes, she looks exactly like this at the moment

I also have to define what she should look like, as I am trying out different combinations This other one is one of many

Her theme is ‘crystals’, so I have to see which aspect is best for her

There is still some time before she arrives let’s hope I can find a good compromise

A new effect to reduce the smoothness of the skin and make them more “real”


With it

You can easily see the difference on a pc, unfortunately, the android version is compressed

Lately, I’m “re-getting” people complaining about what happened in Dusk

Something like “putting under the rug what happened”

Do you really think that what happened will be forgotten?

Nope, the errors will haunt you, let’s see if you will be able to trigger them

And just so you don’t run around in circles, I’ll just tell you that I’ve put in two and they’re in the house in the next build

Another thing, the fish will be removed, but the easter egg will remain in the game

Just use the code “fish” in the chamber to see again the bloodshed

New Patreon Reward for everyone

Some of you already saw/ read what I said about a new Patreon reward

But I’ll re-explain it for everyone

It’s a simple pin-up pic for every Patreon, so it’s a global reward

For the uncultured men, this is a pin-up

So if we want to convert that for CoR, the job is simple, 2 fast examples for you

For the next build, I will be focused on including many interesting features such as gifts or cooking for the girls, and much more, naturally

Unfortunately, we lost the main girls’ goal, Jin and Isabel will still be on the bench.

As for the requests, they are coming as always

The two wallpapers announced in April are coming, don’t worry

That being said, the early is ready, while the public version will be coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this new version!