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What's new in 0.72

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I welcome you to version 0.72!

This is the famous build where Maeve will get a lot of love with also Neon!

Let’s talk about what you will find:

4 new Neon events:

After her performance at the pub, Neon is waiting for you in the plaza, ready to know her better?

Seems like someone is not enough skilled with the joystick

A thought, a doubt, what will happen?

Last Neon event, singing alone in the park, go to her and keep her company

8 new Maeve’s events:

Together with you, she went to check something but does not seem to be happy with the result

The process is complex, do you know what the main ingredient is?

It’s cultured beach time!

I know you like it, but I think I have something you will like even more

Restrain your horses guys, because it’s not over yet

Relaxed Maeve best Maeve

Can’t say anything, just play the update

2 new Secret Codes:

He just woke up, but something nice is going to happen

Meanwhile, the second code is more cryptic

There is only one way to access it

The composition of unlocking is not simple, will you find the right answer ???

Work of the month:

Let me now show the new base outfits for Maeve, Asmedia, Iza, and Estia

I’m making a new opening, it’s still under work since I’m mounting it with DaVinci and it’s taking some time, but it’s coming really nice

Second, in the main menu intro, we got at the moment 3 main menus, but there should be 4, the original and starting one will be back in the game

For the people who never saw it or don’t remember, it’s the one with the 7 girls at the beach

New incoming outfits

One is the famous nurse outfit for Heramael, you will be finally able to use it

Because I know you want to use it

This one will be usable after an interesting side lewd event

Since I want not only to give you outfits with Mikosh, but also with events

The second outfit that could come in-game is quite interesting

The other costume is a little touch for…Maeve

Our little girl can simply wear a mask to cosplay as…Midna

You know what happens when a girl gets a costume, right?

Of course, not a lewd

Improving CoR:

First thing, I tough that the game needs more lewds during the normal progression of the story and girls’ story, since after the assault, there is a lack of it, apart from the repeatable ones in their rooms

So, probably the best thing to do is add lewds, in the new and also old events, where the event can hint there could be one, and let the player choose to see it or not

Like this one with Asme

Second stuff, I have a strange idea to create a kind of podcast with the girls, it’s simple but funny stuff, and this will be outside of the game, like you guys asking questions to them and them answering


Third and last thing, other the incoming special poll will be available for the girls on patreon, the example is to let you choose a side event taken from the list to increase the funny interactions between them, this is an addition to the incoming “Choose a must event girl for the update”

Fast example:

Girls playing strip poker

girls playing uno

swimming pool event with the girls and more

I’ll let you choose and create the event to insert in game

For the 0.73 there is a lot to say, but I’m gonna wait first to release this version, but the improvement incoming for the sandbox part are a lot

The next wallpaper will be about some racing stuff, still deciding about a racing suit or some umbrella girls

One last thing, really important: Maeve’s lewd

It will happen 90% on December

But if I find anywhere people asking for it, I’ll just delay it for a month, one person asks, one month (I’m joking)

That being said, the early is ready, while the public version will be coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this new version!