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What's new in 0.74

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I welcome you to version 0.74!

Christmas Day is finally upon us, and consequently, this new version, as promised, will be released immediately for all.

Let’s talk about what you will find:

Maeve Events

Three new Maeve’s event are waiting for you, and maybe, you will get something really nice.

Neon Events

Two new Neon’s event, plus her card and her time transition.

Main Story

This will serve as the glue to continue the stories of the other girls.

Fast transition

I decided that maybe it’s better to speed up the moves of various maps in-game, so I reduced the transition animations between them.

With these new transitions, I think that the game feels more smooth.

Other than that, I changed the bar on the menus.


The aesthetics of Mikosh’s and Isabel’s shops have been improved, while Tailé’s and Maribel’s have been temporarily closed.

Tailè minigame

The mini-game of Tailè’s work has been cleaned up and redone, the only thing missing are the new renders.

Grammar and Bugfix

Fixed all errors found so far, fixed bugs such as Mikosh triggering at night, the shops problems, and more.

Work of the month

For the winter wallpaper, we have our winners, Neon big won the poll, with second place Isabel.

For the pin-up, I’ll do something called “Krampus Asmedia”.

Last thing about the Christmas holidays, will begin with the release of 0.74, but I will still remain active for any needs and help.

I will be back during the first week of January with the new content regime, which I am sure you will enjoy, plus other things I have in mind.

And this concludes the last sneak of the year, but not the last secret sneak.

I have still some stuff to show, some chara to reveal, and more, before the end, it will be intriguing, I have some “inari” to show, some “red” to do, some “hidden” twilight to see.

Having said that, happy holidays and merry Christmas to you all!

I hope you enjoy this new version!