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What's new in 0.68

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Welcome to the new version 0.68!

Let’s consider it a mid-patch between side stories, new encounters, and future lewds.

Now, let’s start with the new events:

Two new events for the guild:

One new event for the Farmer Girl:

Just go to the kitchen, your fridge needs a refill

One new event for the Fashonista:

After Dressing with Devils, you will unlock her event

Remade the first Asme’s love event, check it in the tracker:

Four errors of the past:

What do I mean by errors of the past?

It can be categorized into two parts

The first is “the errors of the protagonist”, which means that somehow, what happened to him will hunt him

I won’t say exactly how to find these two, but let’s say they are connected to the head

The second category instead is “the errors of the dev”

For example, there are some parts of the story that needs some “plot adjustment”

When you live in exile, and then return to Unison, it doesn’t feel like there is “no danger” after what happened?

So for stuff like this, I’m adding some events to make clear that you are not totally safe

Now gonna show 2 of the mind and the one in the city

The two of the mind are unlockable by doing a certain action for a longer time:

The one in the city

The fourth will be placed at the Peak

Erika’s sleeping room:

There is a new room in the lab, someone is able to guess what it could be?

It’s not either the meth lab or a sex dungeon

It’s Erika’s sleeping room

Right now, there is nothing to do there, apart from listening to a sad melody…

New places:

In this update, you will find the Costume shop(outlet), the ranch(outside unison), and the farmer’s store.

New music:

Rightly so, new girls mean new musical themes, I hope you enjoy them!

New languages:

Although they should not be there right now, there are translations ready

But they will only cover the part up to the previous patch, no more for now

The UI is still incomplete, but the dialogues should work

Let’s not forget that translations are under goal, this is a ‘small taste’.

These are the available languages for now:

Thanks to Ivann for the Eng and Spanish button

Fishing Minigame:

The danger is here

Right now you can fish in the pond in the forest, but for now, only one fish will be added to your inventory, let’s test if it will work everywhere, also on android.

Gift and Cook:

Unfortunately, they have to be postponed, they were causing random crashes while they were running, I’m still looking for the source of the errors, but it doesn’t seem to be the fault of their code, something is conflicting with them.

Trophy Zone:

There are now new fan art and new trophies to buy

You can easily see who they are, the third row and the trophy of Iza and Tailè

New Cleos BG:

Now Cleos got her first alternative bg, this one is unlocked during the story

The event is exactly when she gets her room in the new house

These will be the complete set of menus for the girls, Cleos is the first one to have all of them.

New about stuff:

Simply, I would like to inform you that the about section has been updated with all the missing social elements.

Bugs and other Stuff:

Fixed several bugs and errors including the Iza crash, caused by Hell, the missing Card, and more…

The rollback work has been changed in some screens, which should no longer cause problems during transitions. The rollback is not deactivated but is interrupted at certain key points in order not to create screen mixes. This was happening at some points in the maps, if it happens elsewhere please let me know

Work of the month:

Several things have been done, including the creation of other characters, unfortunately, I cannot show them yet, but from the reaction of the public, they seem to like them, especially the ‘second shortstack”.

I have prepared costumes for the girls to buy in the next build, which can be worn at home.

I was planning to do a lot of lewds, but a pinch of wholesome doesn’t hurt.

I also decided to give the ‘Morning Asmedia’ treatment to other girls as well, I will leave the choice up to you via polls.”

The Cosplay Net wallpaper is coming soon, get ready

Tomorrow, we will find out whether Isa and Jin will get their role.

As for the requests, they are coming as always

Given the size of the game, I was thinking of doing some tests with the launcher during the summer, we will see if it will be feasible since the launcher will most likely be the future of the distribution

There would be much more to add, but I will tell you about that in due course.

That being said, the early is ready, while the public version will be coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this new version!