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What's new in 0.69

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Welcome to the new version 0.69!

Guys, this is it, the legendary number is finally here!

You already know what this means, it’s time to dive into the new lewds!

Below is the list of the new lewds you will find in the game (for Patreon rules I can’t post the pics to the public, sorry, enjoy them in-game):

Izanami Licking

Warning: Unfortunately, two scenes were corrupted, you will notice them, they will be redone later

Heramael Blow

Sheila Blow

Hell Milking Puppies

Estia new sexpose

Estia Blow

Warning: Unfortunately, one scene was corrupted, you will notice them, they will be redone later

Heramael Buttjob

Izanami footjob

Tsukiko Blow

Tsukiko RabbitStyle

This is the full list of the lewds, now let’s talk about the other new things

Voiced Girls

In this new build, we’ll get voiced lewds, our experiment is with Asme, so yes, all Asme’s lewds are now with her moans

They are moans, but I guess it’s a nice addition

I have ready also the other voice, let me now if you like this addition

Iza wake up and night

Exactly as you see, you will now be able to call Izanami at night, go to her exactly as you do for Asmedia

Tracker Change

Now all the girls will get their tracker in the menu, not only the usual girls, but also the new ones

New Languages

CoR now will be able to support two more languages, French and German

But…big butt…

For now, it’s only dialogues, for the total implementation, we know what to do

UI Fix

Fixed the icons in the maps, completed Isabel and Aneko’s card, and more

Fixer in features menu

If you still get alarms errors or Isa errors, just use that to fix your game

Bugs and grammar

Fixed errors caused by the crystal, the gallery, the fan art zone, and more…

Work of the month and future

Our gobbo is finally complete, in the end, her eyes and nails will be purple

So this is the final model

I hope you like her

I have also re-done the main pic of the game with the new girls, for the ones who didn’t see it

Let’s hope to maintain the goal to be able to finally get what we see overhead

As usual, new wallpapers and requests coming soon

The last thing to say is about 0.70 and my incoming summer month rest

The update 0.70 is going to be a big one

It’s gonna be focused only on story, main, and the girls

The main objective will be to bring the girls to a turning point and advance their story to gain more importance

Instead for my rest month, probably it will be in August and it will be similar to the one in December

I thought about July, but disappearing and leaving only the lewds doesn’t seem ideal to me

I don’t want to give you the list of upcoming events, because I still have to see who to include, but it’s a long one

You will know everything with the upcoming sneaks of July

That being said, the early is ready, while the public version will be coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this new version and happy lewds!