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What's new in 0.70

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Welcome to the new version 0.70!

Guys, it’s finally here, the big summer update!

As promised, there is a lot of story that will leave you with many questions

Let’s start with the events:

2 new events for Main Story

3 new events for Heramael

1 event for Tailè

1 event for Estia

4 Events for Mikosh

3 new events for Maribel

3 new events for Jin

Two events were merged together, it was better for the enjoyment of the story

So we have a total of 17 new events.

New BG

Heramael got a new bg for her card, check it out.

New Cards

We got three new girls, consequently, in this update, you will unlock their cards

Work of the month

Iza got a face revamp

Several characters have received their final models, but I will not be able to show them to you due to spoilers

Gob girl got her final colours

There is also a new exit scene, I hope you like it

Rest Month

Now let’s talk about other minor stuff, let’s explain my rest

In summary, goodbye, see you in September

Okay okay, let’s explain better

It should start after the 5, the public version will be out in any case on the 10 since I’ll program the post to release on that day

From that day on, what I’ll probably do is release minor content when I can, or simply add small features or fix stuff

So expect for instance a weekly release called 0.70a/b/c/d

There will be no big stuff, it will be up to you to decide whether or not to download them

It’s simply not to leave CoR in silence for a whole month

But for any problem or other stuff, I’ll be available online, I’ll bring with me the tablet and the laptop, so I can fix bugs

For the next wallpaper, I’ve already created the render, I’m just missing the girls, so I’ll do a poll to decide on them

For the requests, some lucky ones will receive them in early August, and the unlucky ones see you in September

That being said, the early is ready, while the public version will be coming soon.

Time to go on vacation, happy summer vacation to you all!