Champions Life 88

Mini-summer update 0.70a

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Hi guys, this is the first mini-summer update 0.70a, let’s not waste time and explain what it adds:

Isabel’s quest is now integrated into the story:

after not finding Asmedia in her room, the protagonist is looking for her and ends up in the pub.

Font Changer:

You can now apply the font of your choice, from normal to simple

New secret event:

I don’t want to tell you anything, the only clue you will have is “library”.

Jin’s quest:

Now Jin will have her quest for unlocking her card to follow.

Bugs Fixer:

A bug menu has been added in the feature menu that will fix your problems, even the current one of not finding Mikosh and Maribel.

And that’s it, the operation is simple, extract the file and overwrite, for android install the new apk

Have fun!