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Hi guys, I'm finally back.

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Hi guys, I’m finally back.

I wanted to use this post for several reasons, first and foremost the start of work on 0.71.

I thought the best thing would be to do a “light” build for September with side events, some lewds, and new features and then launch the “Maeve bomb” in October.

Also, I’m releasing 0.70b tonight, it’s a simple code and gui fix, nothing big, but there won’t be an android version this time, for that wait for 0.71 directly.

Finally, I would like to present to you a work in progress for a while now

Time to show something interesting, the new model of the famous codename scythe.

In reality, not much has been seen of the old model Maybe only an ass this was the old ass

Now, the chara and her model are totally changed As I said a long time ago, the change I wanted to do about her was more Ethriam side

Since changing her race wouldn’t change her story This time I’ll show the entire character but be warned, some stuff is final, and other stuff like some colors still need some fix

Time to drop the bomb

Now, there is still some stuff I want to confirm, like hair or skin color, but she is the new and final model of scythe

I have more pic to show

I hope you like her, there are different variations of her model, although I think this is the best one

also for the hair

Her original hair color is a really dark green, a lot dark

Let me show her without her “addons”, because big thighs save lives

Also the eyebrow

I think purple is the best

Now something new about her, the name

Right now, there are only 3 possible choices for her

The first possible name is Kali

The second one is Tempest/Tempestas

And the third is Nemesis

I will do a poll as usual, although I already have an idea of my own on how to finalize her

In any case, I hope you like her