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What's new in 0.71

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I welcome you to version 0.71!

This one will be considered like a mid-build since I got like 15 days for it

So I thought it would be better to also optimize something in addition to adding new content

But first, let’s start with the new events, in this build, you will get:

New main story

Hell in the dojo is no good, she is gonna light up everything

New Cleos event

People asking for that, asking for this, the poor girl got no story update since her first story lewd

New Hell event

She is learning…maybe…

New Maeve event

Everything is lost…or she can find a solution?

Then for the part of the events, we also got

Kali event remade

This one is a mix of the old render + new ones with the new model

First and Second Cleos’ events remade

For these, I want to show a fast comparison

This is the actual render in-game

This one is the new version, as you can see it’s not just a switch model

Gonna show also the second event

This is it for the event, now let’s see the other new stuff

A new main menu is available

After the last story event, you will get this one with a new OST

New outfit

We also have our first outfit in the game, Kimono Asmedia

You will be able to buy it from Mikosh

Implemented with it there are already: her in the room, the choices, the head pat, the hug, and a sex scene

Now some other stuff

All the girls’ cards got updated with the new graphic and shaders, a little example with Tsu

Old card

New card

Even more visible with Maeve

I also removed all the grey buttons, now all of them will have the same style

Last things, all the grammar errors and story inconsistency got fixed, and here is a list of bugs fixed:

The transitions in the bedroom are smoother now, I converted the buttons with a lighter format

There were some times where the handling gets locked by clicks, so you can’t choose a girl’s room, there was a double screen that was causing it, fixed

There was a wrong variable in the sleeping with girls, for this reason, some time could happen that you weren’t able to do it

There were some errors in the nightmares, when you get those events, the night reset instead of going into the next day, now it will work right

Also, the code got some cleaning, so the exploration and transition should be smoother

I’ll add some news about 0.72 and 0.73

0.72 will be the Maeve bomb month, which means that I’m gonna add a lot of events for her

With Maeve there will be also Neon, I’ll do her events until the unlock of her card

Instead, 0.73 will be the “Sandbox build”, I guess it’s time to take care of that aspect of the game after all this time

This month a new wallpaper is coming, Halloween time again baby!

I also wanted to address two matters, one about the new work schedule I have in mind, the other about an idea I had for uploads, now CoR has reached 9GB, there is the launcher that is improved over time, but for those who still use zips I thought of a new idea, I will explain everything in a separate post

That being said, the early is ready, while the public version will be coming soon.

I hope you enjoy this new version!